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(Choirs, please see your timetables HERE.)

The programme is connected with previous festivals - there is an opening, choir concerts, and a big gala concert. We will also have a conductors’ workshop, Festival Clubs, the Estonian Music Corner.

CHOIR CONCERTS will be both, on Thursday and Friday. Altogether there are 10 good concerts in Tartu oldtown. The sites are really close (5-10 min) so listeners have a wonderful opportunity to have a true festival feeling and visit many concerts! As NSSS 2014 has a theme "Me/We", at least some songs each choir will sing are Northern and somehow important to the choirs. Every choir introduces itself, and at every concert an instrumentalist will play as well. Be sure to arrive at the concert place early enough! Otherwise there might be no places left.

GALA CONCERT "Sea. Forest. City" will be on Sat, April 26th at 7 pm. Just for one night, A. Le Coq Sports Hall will be fully re-built inside to be a proper concert hall. The main issue – gala concert repertoire – was formed by asking every choir to choose one song which expresses their national identity in the best way. An Estonian composer Mrs Maria Kõrvits has written a piece that combines these melodies and sounds together (sea, forest, city). Between the soughs and swashes you will definitely recognise melodies from "Dancing Queen", "Finlandia", "Sommarpsalm", "Tuljak" etc. The concert will be fully directed: texts, sounds, movements, video installations, lighting.

MUSIC CORNER. During NSSS the Music Corner will be working. It will have 2 components: introducing Estonian choir music (selling and listening CD’s, sheet music, brochures etc) and festival choirs’ music. The list of the CD's and sheet music will be published soon.

Thursday, April 24th 2014
15.00Workshop for NSSS conductors.
17.00Opening at Tartu Town Hall Square
TÜ Assembly Hall
Choir concert "Haned-luiged":
TÜ Akadeemiline Naiskoor (EST, women's)
Brahe Djäknar (FIN, men's)
TÜ Kammerkoor (EST, mixed)
Florakören (FIN, women's)
TÜ History Museum
Choir concert "Väike õhtumuusika":
Tromsø Akademiske Kvinnekor (NOR, women's)
Kalmar Nations Kören (SWE, mixed)
Resonanssi (FIN, women's)
Studentersangforeningen i Bergen (NOR, men's)
St. John's Church
Choir concert "Laineid murdes":
Linnea (SWE, women's)
Cassiopeia (FIN, mixed)
Linköpings Studentsångare (SWE, men's)
20.00, TÜ former church
Choir concert "Laulan rannal, igatsen":
Det Norske Mannskor av 1995 (NOR, men's)
LTH-kören (SWE, mixed)
Polyteknikkojen Kuoro (FIN, men's)
21.00-01.30Festival Club in Illusion, entrance only for NSSS participants, choir vocal ensembles will perform


Friday, April 25th 2014
TÜ Assembly Hall
Choir concert "Südamepõhjast":
Lyran (FIN, women's)
Akademiska Sångforeningen (FIN, men's)
Trondhjems Studentersangforening (NOR, men's)
TÜ former church
Choir concert "Maa ja taeva vahel":
Lappeenrannan Teekkarilaulajat (FIN, men's)
LiHtösen (SWE, women's)
Pedavoces (FIN, mixed)
Stockholms Akademiska Damkör (SWE, women's)
Tasku Center
Choir concert "Frakid Taskus":
Turun Yliopiston Kuoro (FIN, mixed)
Snapsakademien (SWE, men's)
Stavanger Studentsangforening (NOR, mixed)
Tartu Akadeemiline Meeskoor (EST, men's)
St. John's Church
Choir concert "Põhjatähed":
Kvindelige studenters sangforening (NOR, women's)
Den norske Studentersangforening (NOR, men's)
Tehnikaülikooli Akadeemiline Meeskoor (EST, men's)
Tartu New Theatre
Choir concert "LEVI+KOOR=JEE!":
Cantus Mercurialis (FIN, mixed)
SKÖN (SWE, mixed)
Teekkarikuoro (FIN, mixed)
St. John's Church
Choir concert "Öövalgus":
Västgöta Nations Manskör Korgossarna (SWE, men's)
Academic Women’s Choir of Tallinn University of Technology (EST, women's)
Stockholms Studentsångare (SWE, men's)
21.00-01.30, Illusion
Festival Club, entrance for everybody, choir ensembles will perform. Absolutely gorgeous Ukrainian-Estonian band SVJATA VATRA will actually perform at NSSS Festival Club!!!
Saturday, April 26th 2014
19.00-20.15, A. Le Coq
Gala concert
21.00-05.00Gala dinner, entrance only for NSSS participants